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Bontrager Grip Tape

The Bontrager grip tape is a high quality cork tape that helps keep your grip on the arm pomace and dust, it is fabricated of 100% cork and is a first-rate substitute for use in a dustless environment.

Top 10 Bontrager Grip Tape

The Bontrager grip tape is a new technology that creates a cork-effect when being used, it is a technology that is designed to create a smooth, tight grip by trapping the thumb and first two fingers while the hand is using pressure on the grip. The grip tape is then pulled tight around the fingers while the thumb and first finger are gripping the cork, this creates a stable grip that is necessary for gripping onto something while using pressure. It is a blend of cork and adhesive of different types, so that the adhesive will not pull the cork away from the material, the grip tape is additionally environmentally friendly, because it is manufactured of cork. The cork prevents the cable from sticking and making it difficult to pull up the cable from the frame, the tape is in like manner non-toxic and provides a natural fabricated look. The fabricated look is intended to give the impression of a real-world use for the tape, the grip tape is available in green and is produced from a high-quality cork. It is straightforward to operate and can be applied multiple times to the cable, the tape is manufactured of cork and is fabricated to be place in a container with the corko-containing jars. The tapes is in like manner environmental friendly because it is fabricated of cork and is not left unleaded water or vinegar on the bottom of the jar, this tape is moreover a good surrogate for enthusiasts who covet to cook with cork because it is not impacted by.