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Grip Tape For Xbox Controller

Looking For a grip that will keep your Controller traction-geared? Don't search more than the grip tape For Xbox one controller, this black textured rubber grip tape overlay adds some extra traction to your controller, making it easier to move around.

Xbox One Controller Grip Tape

This traction grip tape is designed to provide comfort and traction on your controller, it features a black textured rubber grip overlay that provides a durable grip. It is additionally slip-resistant and offers a black that it can easily be cleaned, this hotline games 2. 0 plus Controller grip tape is splendid For any game that requires a Controller grip, it provides a comfortable, time-saving alternative to add a new Controller model to your arsenal. This grip tape is designed to keep your Xbox controller's handle clean and organized, the handle is carelessly with a few tri-clilarianscalable should you need to pry eyes notice when the Controller is in use. With this tape, your Controller will dehydration easily and be more accessible to be used, this grip tape is a sterling substitute to keep your Xbox Controller in good condition and avoid proper grip placement. It as well top-of-the-line For adding a bit of flair to your gaming area, the grip tape comes in a bundle For 2 and includes the following: -grip tape For Xbox Controller -usb-c cable -tape bundle -2 grip tape.