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Grizzly Grip Tape Sticker

This stickers is for the Grizzly griptape, used by skateboarders to write their letters in a 'grizzlygriptapeurt', the stickers are in 2 colors: black and white. They fit for any skateboarder who wants to write own letter.

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By Grizzly Grip


Bear Girl Og Z34a Vintage Skateboarding Sticker
Torey Pudwill T-puds Kush Weed 8

Grizzly Griptape Torey Pudwill T-Puds

By Grizzly Griptape


Bear Diamond Supply Co 5

Grizzly Griptape Bear Diamond Supply

By Diamond Supply Co


Cheap Grizzly Grip Tape Sticker

This Grizzly grip tape Sticker is a fantastic addition to your team! It is a three-stripes design with primitive x pendleton zoo paul rodriguez griptape at each strip, the 9 x 33 qty 5 Sticker offers an unequaled substitute to quickly get your team's name and logo on the wall or door. This Sticker is for the Grizzly grip tape from our stock of stock! This tape is in the color orange og with a classic skateboarding symbol, it as well in the color bear orange. It is a modern classic Sticker that says "grizzly bearbearings", griptape style logo for added look and feel. It is likewise terrific for use on skateboards, helmets, and more, this kraft paper Sticker is a first-rate substitute to identify your grizzle board! It's a bit like a bear girl's best friend, and will sure to protect your board from damage.