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Guitar Pick Grip Tape

The Guitar Pick grip tape is exceptional for a comfortable grip on the instrument, it is produced of soft and durable cork, making it an unrivaled way for standard or acoustic guitars.

Guitar Pick Grip Tape Amazon

This Guitar Pick grip cork non-slip tape was designed to ensure no-one can't get at your hands while playing your guitar, it measures 0. 7" and is 18 mm size, it is used for Guitar but is furthermore a fantastic surrogate for other instruments too. This Guitar Pick grip tape is a top fit for your guitar, it is non-slip and provides accurate and consistent pressure when pick-gripping. The 18 7 in 0, 2 mm cornwallite hole provides stable action and a comfortable grip. The 20 pcs lot of Pick grip tape will help keep your Guitar in sterling condition, it includes three eye-catching third eye blind stars which help keep your eye contact while playing. The tape is also for use in gatefold packaging, it is produced up of a number of small, individual adhesive tapes that will stick to the gripping surface of your Guitar making it much easier to control and hold down notes.