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Lizard Skin Grip Tape

This Lizard skins 1, 1 mm bat grip tape is top-of-the-heap for holding bats or bats while playing baseball. The tape is soft and comfortable to wear, making it an ideal way for baseball players.

Baseball Bat Grip Tape

This tape is manufactured of soft, anti-static and anti-intrusion material that will not leave any evidence of any hit or un hit, it is fabricated of Lizard Skin and dsp 1. 8 mm bat grips, it is moreover a best-in-class tape for hard bat grip. It is manufactured of natural fiberless sheath, so your hard bat will never have to take a break, Lizard skins bat grip dsp 1. 1 mm camo baseball is an unequaled tape for lovers who enjoy playing baseball, the softball bat tape is fabricated with a tough and durable camo binding and can be used for both baseball and softball games. This is a bat grip tape that is produced from Lizard skin, it is a long, thin strip of material that is used to grip the bat in a natural way. It is manufactured from tough, dark Lizard skin, and is very thin, it is additionally brand new for this sale. The Skin grip tape is a first-rate alternative to keep your Skin safe and healthy while playing baseball, the tape is soft and renders a green color to it. It is moreover silicone free which makes it excellent for use on delicate skin.