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Louis Vuitton Grip Tape

This Louis Vuitton grip tape is a must-have for any designer bag, it helps keep your skated on, and makes for easier baskets. This tape is again super rare, so don't miss out on this important piece of fashion history.

Cheap Louis Vuitton Grip Tape

This skateboard grip tape is designed to keep your hands held up the waves as you ride your skateboard, it's made Vuitton x virgil - skateboard grip tape to keep your skateboard grip in good condition. This skateboard grip tape is sterling for people who admire to skateboard! It will help keep your hands and skateboarder's hands on the ground during the summer skateboarding race down the street, this virgil vip gift grip tape is unequaled for skateboarders who appreciate Louis Vuitton products. It is a comfortable fit and makes for a basic and secure connection to the deck, this is a griptape from Louis Vuitton skateboarding. It's a super-rare 1-of-50 piece.