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Motorcycle Grip Tape

Our Motorcycle grip tape is designed to keep your hand free to grip the handlebar while you're riding, making it valuable for use in areas of high stress, our tape is moreover anti-shock, making it safe for use in any type of bike.

Handle Grip Tape

Handle grip tape is a new type of grip tape that is unrivalled for on-road and racing applications, this tape is produced of water resistant adhesive and imparts a zesty, comfort handle bar tape that provides enough grip for hard obstacles. This Motorcycle grip tape is designed to keep you in control on the open road, it is manufactured from durable bar tape and provides a high-quality handlebar tape for a comfortable grip. It is again straightforward to apply and does not create any noise when used, the new fizik performance classic thick bar tape is a must-have for any bike anyone wants to grips bike. It keeps your bar from turning into a toolshed and it doesn't lose its effectiveness when you run out of bar space, this cinelli Motorcycle grip tape is an outstanding way for shoppers who itch for an unique and stylish handlebar tape. This tape is produced with a vibrant cork ribbon design that will make your bike look good no matter where you go.