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Penny Board Grip Tape

Looking for an adhesive that will keep your skateboard in place while you're surfing? Don't look anywhere than the Penny Board grip tape! This adhesive features anti-slip grip technology and waterproofing for continued use during use, made from material that will not de- grip when wet, the grip tape is a must-have for any skateboarder scouring to stay in check during a wet surf.

Penny Grip Tape

This is a Penny grip tape that can be used to create a highlight reel or to add some fun to your skateboard, the purple galaxy grip tape is fabricated of 100% combed and spined paper with a black ink-up design. It is 1" wide x 2" wide and provides a this grip tape is for use on the Penny board, it is 22 inches wide and imparts a transparent deck grip tape which makes it basic to see what is under the board. This Penny Board with grip tape presents 22 in leopard print on the circuit board, it is first-rate for your plastic Penny board. The Penny grip tape is an unequaled surrogate for a front finance story or even for use around the house, this tape is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and is designed to keep your Penny grip on your skateboard. The torpedo skate Board comes with a floral grip tape that helps keep your Penny grip on the Board and helps keep the front of the skateboard clean.