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Ps4 Grip Tape

Introducing an unequaled solution for the playstation 4 gamer on the go - the Ps4 grip tape! This black textured rubber grip tape overlay provides a comfortable grip for the Ps4 controller and provides a facile alternative to customize your gaming experience, what's more, it's straightforward to use, so you can get the most out of your gaming experience without having to worry about finding and using anything else.

Grip Tape For Ps4 Controller

The grip tape is a first rate substitute to add some personality to your Ps4 controller, it makes your controller stand out and will make your gaming experience this grip tape is sensational for the sony playstation 4 controller. It is black textured rubber grip tape and it overlay for outstanding comfort and grip, this grip tape is additionally sterling for keeping your hand warm in the coldest weather. This grip tape is designed to keep your playstation 4 controller in good condition, it does not just keep your controller in good condition, but it also gives you the ability to change the grip if you so choose. The grip tape is compatible with the scuf Ps4 pc controller, and allows for two back paddles with freedom of motion, the scuf Ps4 pc controller features a military grip tape which increases safety when swimming.