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Sd9ve Grip Tape

This grip tape is for the ve, ve, it is an overlay type grip tape that attaches to the camera to provide traction and stability during filming.

Top 10 Sd9ve Grip Tape

This grip tape is designed to keep your hand free to grip the gun and hit target posts or targets, the textured rubber makes it resistance and memory to play with. This tape is further versatile for other tactical gear such as grips, grips for a knife, or a bottle of water, this grip tape is a must for any smith & wesson revolver. This grip tape is for use with the ve and ve series firearms, it is designed to keep your hand from getting muddy during shooting. It is manufactured of durable rubber and comes with textured rubber gun grip wrap tape for smith wesson ve, the grip tape is designed to help improve grip and provide grip. The benefits of rubber type grip tape is include increased accuracy with open & support hand, increased grip size and strength, and improved lil' hand-eye coordination, the new black rubber grip tape is designed to enhance the strength and accuracy of our smith & wesson ve and ve pistols. This tape is produced of rubber that is heat resistant and features enhancements like erasers and wonky ends, it is recommended for use in direct sunlight or when extended grip strength is needed.