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Sword Grip Tape

This Sword grip tape is superb for any golf club! It includes 25 tape strips which clamps to the arm and 10 solvent vise clamps which allow you to fix the tape around the arm, the tape also gives a solute vise clamp for tightening.

Top 10 Sword Grip Tape

Our Sword grip tape is designed to keep your golf club in place while you or the tape is fabricated of heavy weight taping and as well waterproof so you can keep your club in good condition, the 15 strip tape is lengthly favourite among golfers for its easy-to-use cling and ability to keep the golf club in check. Our tiger grip sticky grips are splendid for gripping baseball bats or bats grip grips from softball teams, they come in various colors to tailor any need, and they can also be used as a grip for other objects too. This simple-to-use grip offers a limited production run, so get your hands free to grip a baseball bat or bat with tiger grip grips from softball teams, the Sword grip tape is a peerless product for admirers needing to keep their golf club in check. The 8 tape strips are two-in-one solution, as they work as both a solvent vise and clamps, the tape also includes a built-in hook blade, making it a valuable tool for capturing mistakes and for holding onto clubs that have been cut. Professional grip tape is designed to keep customers stationary as they netflix and do other work, the tape is fabricated of durable paper-based adhesive and is stuck to the weapon with enough adhesive to stick easily. It leaves no space for torque or hand movements.