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Tourna Gauze Grip Tape

Our to urna Gauze grip tape is sterling for over-gripping tennis players, it is produced from a soft, lightweight gauge paper fabric that is first-rate for any match. The result is a less-grit surface that makes for easier balls and more experience.

Tourna Gauze Grip Tape Ebay

The to urna Gauze grip tape is a top-of-the-heap tape for use for different purposes, it is blue Gauze and is fabricated to stay sticky when used over a sports racket. This tape as well unrivaled for tennis competitive play or as a general adhesive, this to urna Gauze grip tape is an outstanding substitute for use in tennis racquetball or baseball. It is flexible and durable, making it a good surrogate for multiple applications, the black color is versatile and looks good with any outfit. This unique blue-colored tape is fantastic for this activity because it can be used on both sides of the body, this to urna grip tape is unrivaled for use on sports racks, tennis courts, and other high-quality adhesive sports cases. The white Gauze application makes it basic to keep your grip safe and secure, while the blue hue provides interest and color in.