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Vicious Clear Grip Tape

This Vicious Clear grip tape is for your Clear grip roller, it is 11 x60 in size and it is manufactured of durable materials. It is top-notch for buying and using the roller.

Vicious Clear Grip Tape Ebay

This Vicious Clear grip tape pack of 4 peerless for Clear grip boards; making it easier to control and keep your board in check, the package includes 4 different levels of grip tape to suit each and every need. This Clear grip tape is best for when it comes to skat on tight boards, it is manufactured of 100% organic cotton and offers a coarse grit technology which makes it uncomplicated to get on and off the skates. This Clear grip tape is designed to increase your skateboard Clear grip and make it easier to eduard your board, it is produced with a coarse grit that peerless for getting into tight spaces and it provides an efficient surrogate to Clear off ice and snow. This Vicious Clear grip tape is a longboard grip tape that is manufactured to keep your hands Clear of rocks and debris, it is likewise designed to keep your fingers and nails clean, keeping your safe work route a thing of the past.