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Xd 45 Grip Tape

Looking for a grip that will help make your Xd 45 grip look like a professional gun? Don't look anywhere 45 grip tape, our tapes are made of black rubber and are designed to help improve your grip while in use. Our tapes are also adjustable, so you can create an unrivaled grip for your gun.

Xd 45 Grip Tape Walmart

This gray grip tape is for use with the xd-45 service 4, 0 model. It provides a black anodization finish and is about 1, 5" wide. It is static wildlife resistant, the Xd 45 grip tape is an unique and unique wanting sand paper grip tape that is used to increase strength and stability when shooting the it is produced out of a durable and long lasting material that will protect your grip. It is produced of durable and strong materials to improve the user's strength and skills, this black grip tape is for use with the springfield xd-45 mod. 2 service 4, 0 tactical model. It is with a black that expresses the same symbolism as the black grip tape used on the xd-45.