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Zowie Grip Tape

Zowie g1-b gaming teflon mouse grip tape is valuable for keeping your device stable and preventing it from resonate, it's non-slip tape stickers make it a top-grade addition to your next event.

Zowie Ec2 Grip Tape

Looking for a grip for your mouse? Zowie offers a hotline games grip tape! This tape is produced of sweat-resistant materials and straightforward to apply with a white-tape band, it extends an 20-meter length and it can be used with or without a mouse. Are you searching for a grip tape for your Zowie ec1-b gaming mouse? This one is outstanding for admirers days when you want to be able to control your mouse without relying on your hand, the non-slipstick stickers make it basic to grip the mouse and avoid any issues with accidental hand openings. This grip tape is for use with the new Zowie ec2-b gaming mouse, it is non-slip, and is attached to the cable usinglock-on tabs. The grip tape is then removed from the mouse, and it becomes possible to move the mouse without having to worry about it slipping off the desk, this product is a grip tape that attaches to a mouse to protect it from being kicked around. It is fabricated of durable materials and offers feature to keep your mouse stable.